Feedback from Students

“Most amazing, inspiring three days of my life. I actually don't have words to describe how much I learnt.” - Tianna

“WOW! Thank you so much for the most amazing 3 days! I have learnt so much and have enjoyed this amazing experience! I'm so grateful for this opportunity. These 3 days I will remember for the rest of my life!” – Lucy

“I am so grateful for the last three incredible days. Thank you IBW for bringing this
amazing artist, teacher, choreographer, entrepreneur and inspiring human being to our shores!” - Ayesha

“OMG! I'm so very grateful for this amazing opportunity – thank you IBW for this
incredible experience. It was an unforgettable 3 days.” - Kenzie

“This has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Thank you so much for the past three days.” - Abbie

“This will be an experience I will remember forever and a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have enjoyed myself so much over the past three days and learnt so much that I can carry with me throughout the rest of my dance journey. Thank you IBW.” - Sophie

Feedback from Parents

“An experience that has changed her life. Thank you IBW, you have made all her dreams come true.” - Danica

"It is the first time my daughter has attended an IBW. She said "It was an amazing experience where she learnt lots, made new friends and widened her knowledge about contemporary repertoire" Thank you IBW, Nadia Thompson and Jan ❤️ Would highly recommend their workshops." - Angelique

“Lucy had the experience of a lifetime, it exceeded all her expectations and mine too!” - Kylie

"Giving our budding dancers the opportunity to work with and hear from the most incredible Teachers, Artists and Choreographers from around the globe. A workshop that will have your dancer happily doing all their chores and the rest of the families to attend. Thank you Rain. The day Ella met Dusty Button will never be forgotten. Her little hands are still shaking!!" - Shay

"Absolutely fantastic workshop. Highly recommend it. Ella absolutely loved it. So great to get the opportunity to work with international choreographers and directors. Thank you to Rain, Ken and Crystal. Can't wait until the next one." - Jennifer

“Great to meet you and THANK YOU so much. What a wonderful experience it has been for all the students. My daughter loved every minute of the workshops & of course meeting her ballet idol Dusty! Thanks again, we will definitely see you at the IBW Summer Series workshops in Perth. I'm booking in now!” - Penny

“Thank you so much Rain. It was a truly life changing couple of days for Tianna! I have never seen her more inspired or free of limitations! Thank you again for your belief, your warmth and for facilitating this amazing opportunity. It means more than you will ever know. Chookas and enjoy the rest of your tour. I have already booked her in for the summer workshop - so we will see you next year!” - Kirsty

“On behalf of Kate and all of us thank you so very much for a wonderful three days. Kate just loved the experience – she was proudly showing me a new sequence of steps she learnt this evening... We’ve already looked online at your summer workshop series, Kate is very keen and Isabelle too, so we’ll look forward to seeing you in January. Again thanks Rain, I’m going to be raving about your workshops to our school.” - Kristine

“Thank you Rain, the workshops were extremely well organised and the location was lovely.. Tahlia had a lovely time and made some beautiful little friends. Looking forward to attending more workshops in the future.” - Elaine

“Thank you so so so much for making Lilliana so incredibly happy today. She went silent in the car as we left, blown away by what she had just done. I honestly can't thank you enough. You will never know what this means to our family. To see the pure joy on her face is priceless, as she has had a tough time of late.” - Shonnett

“Thank you so much Rain, I really appreciate this. Also, I really, really love what you have done with IBW!!! It's wonderful and what has been really lacking in Australia for too long! Congratulations!” - Anneliese

"Wow! Such an amazing workshop, so blessed these opportunities are available to young dancers! We had an incredible 3 days full of learning and making beautiful friends, fantastic atmosphere, thank you." - Vanessa

"My son has only been doing ballet for 6mths and totally loved this experience, he learnt a lot and had such fun. We will definitely be back, thank you!" - Cara

"My daughter learnt so much and as a rural kid it is great to have access to such high quality ballet workshops here in Perth. We are looking forward to the next one." - Frosina