Frequently Asked Questions


How do I register?
Please click here.

Which cities do you go to?
You can view our current tour schedule here.

What is the daily timetable?

The timtetable for Winter 2019 is TBC but the hours are approximately:
Junior: 1:15-4:15pm
Intermediate: 9:00am-1:00pm
Advanced: 9:00am-4:15pm

What are the ages and levels?
Junior: 7-9 years
Intermediate: 10-12 years
Advanced: 13+ years
Please discuss with us if you believe your child may benefit more from joining a different level.

What level of ability do dancers need to attend?
There are no set requirements, however in the Advanced class particularly, an advanced level will be taught. IBW expects that there will be varying levels within each class and will attempt to cater for varying levels in each class, but dancers with less experience may find this challenging at times. Particularly for the Advanced level, these workshops are best suited to dancers serious about pursuing ballet as a career and IBW teachers will expect a certain level of professionalism from older attending students.

Are private lessons available?
There are a very small number of private lessons available in each city, with the international guest teacher and the supporting teacher. These are allocated strictly on a first come basis.

Are workshop tickets refundable?
No. Please refer to our T&Cs.

Who is teaching the workshops?
Read about current and past IBW teachers on this page.

Can I attend only part of the workshops?
We highly recommend attending the full workshop in order to get the most benefit. It is possible to attend only part of the workshops, however there is no pay-per-day option.

What do I need to wear?

Girls: Ballet leotard, pink ballet tights, ballet flats. Optional ballet skirt. Bring pointe shoes if you are already on pointe. Hair should be in a tidy bun. Warmup gear may be warm for the beginning of class in winter, and in Body Conditioning classes where appropriate. Rehearsal skirts may be used for Repertoire class but are not compulsory. Contemporary outfit may also be required.
Boys: Ballet tights and leotard or tight-fitting t-shirt. Ballet flats.

What do I need to bring?
Water bottle, healthy snacks. IMPORTANT: please do not bring any nuts. Any regular medication needed (kept safe and away from other students, please). Warm/comfy clothes for breaks. A camera/phone to take photos with old and new friends and stay in touch with family if needed. Some pocket money to purchase IBW event items (don't forget to get your IBW T-shirt signed by your Guest Teacher!). A notebook and pen to record corrections if you wish.

Are there any prizes or scholarships offered?
Each workshop ends with a studio showing and a prize-giving; every student receives a certificate and there are a small number of prizes awarded. Some pre-professional students will receive offers of support to help launch or explore their ballet careers. Dancers may receive invitations to audition for schools and companies all over the world, participate in choreographic developments, receive letters of recommendation, or scholarships to summer schools or full-time schools, dance conventions and more.

Will there be any photos/videos taken?
Yes, photos and videos may be taken during and after class, for promotional and archival purposes. A selection of these will be posted on IBW's Facebook page and Instagram soon after the event.

I have another question.
Please contact us and we will be glad to help.